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Effective Use of Virtual Reality in Companies III

As digitization has progressed, it is not only the HR department that changed in companies, but also the role of it has changed significantly. New digital processes are flooding human resources and the shortage of skilled workers is making it even more difficult to find competent personnel. In addition, the demands on new staff keep increasing as well. We at panoroom deliver virtual tools for real added value in marketing, sales or even human resources. Virtual reality in the field of HR provides companies with a valuable tool for recruiting, retaining and training employees. 

Attractiveness and Innovation Inspires

VR allows you to present your company in a more compelling way, build loyalty and clearly stand out from competitors.

Better Employer Branding

Present or position your company as a future-oriented and attractive employer. New employees get an immediate insight into their new working environment, so feel free to show what you have to offer.

Innovative Onboarding

By virtualizing the office space or the entire factory premises, employees can be shown the way to their individual workplace, meeting points – such as a canteen or café – escape routes or meeting rooms in advance.

Winning on the Employee Market

Nowadays, competition between companies is mainly characterized by winning or losing on the employee market. Well-trained professionals ensure the sustainable value creation of a company and its success. With virtual reality technologies from panoroom, companies secure their lead in human resources (HR) in the areas of recruiting, onboarding and employee training through innovative technology.

With virtual reality, you provide a unique and innovative insight into your company. The immersive experience makes viewers feel as if they were actually there. Show workplaces, processes, teams, locations … show exactly what a potential applicant could expect in your company. Through the emotional insight, but also through the high involvement in the use/control of the tour, you leave a lasting impression and place yourself as a future-oriented and attractive employer.

Discover the Potential of VR

Do you want to discover the potential of VR for your company now and implement a project? We accompany you through the entire process – from conception to implementation – and carry out your individual VR project for you. Our competent team of experienced VR specialists is looking forward to putting your company in the spotlight with a virtual 3D tour. 

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