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Effective Use of Virtual Reality in Companies I

Virtual reality makes it possible to experience companies, products and services in new and innovative ways through technical and creative solutions. Our technologies and tools support companies on their way from the analogue to the virtual world of innovative communication. As a provider of virtual tours, we deliver tools that bring added value in marketing, sales or human resources and therefore redefine the corporate and brand experience.

Customer experience is also becoming more of a focus. In addition to the struggle for attention due to growing competitive pressure, rising customer expectations make it increasingly difficult to stand out as a company and to convince with future-oriented communication. So what added value do virtual reality and panoroom offer for your future marketing? How can your corporate communication become an experience?

Generate Attention and Arouse Interest

Through innovative communication, your company and your product will clearly stand out from the crowd – no matter when, where or which target group.

Optimize Customer Experience

Emotionalize and visualize your product and service world. With a virtual tour, you are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Convey an
Innovative Image

Position yourself as a pioneer in your branch of industry and shape your image as an early adopter in the minds of your stakeholders.

Emotions inspire and convince. When making a purchase decision, emotionality is definitely a decisive factor. We provide you with innovative tools to make your company, your products or your services come alive in an unexpected way and leave a lasting impression. Stand out at essential touchpoints in the customer journey, such as at trade fairs, events, or points of sale. Integrate virtual reality tours flexibly on your website or special landing pages. Create an innovative alternative to conventional marketing formats. 360-degree experiences can also be integrated into social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube.

A virtual tour gives you completely new opportunities to interact with your customers and vice versa!

Do you want to discover the potential of VR for your company now and implement a project? We accompany you through the entire process – from conception to implementation – and carry out your individual VR project for you. Our competent team of experienced VR specialists is looking forward to putting your company in the spotlight with a virtual 3D tour. 

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Using virtual reality in companies in Sales?

Find out here what added value virtual reality offers for sales – in addition to marketing – in times of digital change.

Using virtual reality in Human Resources?

Virtual reality in the field of HR provides companies with a valuable tool for recruiting, retaining and training employees. 

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Christian Wolf

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