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Effective Use of Virtual Reality in Companies II

Digitization and the developments that go hand in hand with it are constantly presenting the sales department with new challenges and tasks. Simple brochures and PowerPoint presentations are long outdated. Product portfolios are becoming ever larger and more complex. In contrast, product life cycles are becoming ever shorter. With a virtual reality tour by panoroom, you can effectively present your products and services with just a few clicks and still generate the best customer proximity by far. Find out here what added value virtual reality offers for sales  – in addition to marketing and human resources – in times of digital change.

Outside the Box

Present your company, your products and services in a more understandable and emotional way than by usual means. With a virtual tour you create a much greater effect.

Better Presentation

With a virtual reality tour, you can present your entire service and product world life-sized and realistically – whether on a desktop, tablet, cell phone or with VR glasses.

Efficient and Innovative

Show what you have to offer by making the product presentation tangible with virtual reality. This is the high involvement sales tool you’ve been looking for!

Customer service and emotional kindling are the two decisive factors in sales and thus for the success of your company. Complex things can be explained at the push of a button. Your sales appearance becomes more flexible, you leave a lasting impression and convince with a future-oriented image. The use of VR knows no bounds – be it in field work, at trade fairs or events, with virtual showrooms or even 360-degree factory tours to acquire potential new customers. Virtual worlds can be used flexibly and are characterized by several advantages:

Configurations & Virtual Staging

Products and services become tangible with this innovative form of presentation. Generate emotions and increase the imagination of potential buyers of luxury real estate through a tour of a virtually furnished apartment. 

C&P singleflat showroom Virtual Staging single flat

Accessible Everywhere – Around the Clock!

Virtual reality puts your entire product and service range in your pocket as a life-size, up-close, emotional experience – regardless of size, shape, weight or development status.

Simple Holds Better

Complex was yesterday. With VR you can visualize your products, services and processes in an unprecedented way. Our VR solutions from panoroom are designed to be ready for use quickly and without training.

Plant Tours in 3D and 360 Degrees

With 360-degree plant tours, you can have your company and production facilities with you wherever you go. Give customers and partners an all-around view behind the scenes with real footage in VR glasses and leave a lasting impression – almost as if they were really there.

Individual Functions

In addition to basic communication functions, virtual reality tours can also be used to develop and incorporate completely new functionalities for your company’s individual needs. From displaying your own video streams on TVs in the tour or outputting key figures via specially developed interface solutions – (almost) anything is possible with us. 

Do you want to discover the potential of VR for your company now and implement a project? We accompany you through the entire process – from conception to implementation – and carry out your individual VR project for you. Our competent team of experienced VR specialists is looking forward to putting your company in the spotlight with a virtual 3D tour. 

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Using virtual reality in companies in Marketing?

Find out here what added value virtual reality offers for marketing – in addition to sales – in times of digital change.

Using virtual reality in Human Resources?

Virtual reality in the field of HR provides companies with a valuable tool for recruiting, retaining and training employees. 

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