virtual reality at the car dealership – the way to purchase cars in the future?

The car dealership Ford Gaberszik in Graz has recently started using panoroom’s innovative technologies to provide customers with new means of access on a digital level when purchasing commercial vehicles and trucks. Virtual reality (VR) offers enormous added value in the field of digital customer experience. It also opens up countless new opportunities for dealers to address customers.

Using virtual reality, customers can experience vehicles and trucks down to every detail in the virtual showroom around the clock in a very realistic way.  This experience vividly demonstrates Ford technologies and virtually immerses customers in the world of commercial vehicles and trucks. The detailed views of the interior – from special features and cargo areas to the enormous volume of space in the vehicles from various angles – provide customers with more information and confidence in their purchasing choices, as well as a significantly enhanced experience factor.

The strikingly high number of scanning points compared to the area scanned is due to the large number of detailed images of the commercial vehicles and trucks. While usually one scanning point per 10 square meters of surface area is sufficient, here it takes 120 scanning points per 400 square meters to achieve the desired high level of detail. With an average of 10 to 15 images per vehicle from different perspectives, the customer gets a realistic impression – from the outside and the inside.

The Salesroom As a Virtual Tour

Thanks to their innovative functionality, virtual tours of car dealerships offer a realistic spatial experience of an entire showroom and salesroom. This gives customers a comprehensive, detailed picture of individual vehicles even before they actually visit the car dealership, helping them make their purchasing decision in advance. In this way, the user will be introduced even faster and more intently to the key event for the purchase of a vehicle – the test drive.

Outside the Box: Virtual Reality for Car Selection

The Ford Ranger Thunder can be experienced in virtual reality not only at the dealership, but also in its natural habitat outdoors. Against the backdrop of a quarry, interactive insights provide a very detailed picture and information about special features of this vehicle. The test drive is then just a click away. 

With this, the Ford Gaberszik car dealership has taken the next step towards the future and combines digital innovation with the strengths of stationary trade.

We at panoroom can make it possible for car dealerships or retailers to showcase their models in a high-quality way in 360 degrees by means of a virtual tour. Atmospheric photographs, intuitive operation and innovative technology enable excellent showroom staging. In this way, you are helping prospective customers to gain an impression of what you have to offer and to turn them into customers. Moreover, you can integrate additional information and thus create a 360-degree multimedia experience out of your showroom. 

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Christian Wolf
Christian Wolf

CEO panoroom gmbh