360-degree customer experience – retail goes digital 

Virtual Tour of the New EUROSPAR Store in Graz 

In December 2021, the new EUROSPAR opened in the basement of the impressive Kastner & Öhler headquarters in the historic old town of Graz. Covering an area of around 1,250 square meters, the new store presents itself in a completely new and modern light after the renovation. With an innovative 360-degree tour by panoroom, translating into a 360-degree customer experience, SPAR also shows how future-oriented the company really is. 

This virtual tour gives the customers the opportunity to navigate through the store online without any restrictions, even outside opening hours, and to take a closer look at the extensive product range. It is as real as if they were actually standing in the store. The specially designed menu allows customers to navigate quickly and easily through all departments. Have a look at the EUROSPAR store in our showcase here or view EUROSPAR’s official webpage with even more information.

Retail in 3D – an Experience for Your (Potential) Customers and Yourself 

A virtual tour is an ideal opportunity to present a newly opened branch in a modern way. Especially in marketing for preferred shopping locations, this impression can be the deciding factor for consumers. It can put an outdated store back in the spotlight after redesigning it. Moreover, it can be used to compare store and shelf planning, customer flow simulations and analyses, or even the most diverse store concepts on screen. It gives a chance to compare perspectives, regardless of whether it is for an architect, a consumer researcher or the in-house store planner!

Especially in marketing for preferred shopping locations, a 360-degree customer experience can be the deciding factor for consumers of all ages.

Virtual Shopping Enhances Customer Experience?

Our technology helps us support online shop operators visually and provide 3D tours as an added emotional and visual element for product sales. The user has the option of placing products and articles in the shopping cart during the tour and then paying for them when leaving the tour.  

High-involvement online shopping as an alternative to the classic web store? panoroom makes it possible!   

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Christian Wolf
Christian Wolf

CEO panoroom gmbh