VR has the potential to revolutionize the insurance industry

While VR technology was predominantly used in the entertainment industry just a few years ago, companies are now increasingly using it for virtual tours of company headquarters, hotels, theaters and museums. However, this innovative technology offers a wide plethora of possible application areas, far beyond of what it is being used for today.
One industry that is increasingly discovering the immense benefits of virtual reality is the insurance industry. Insurance-related processes such as real estate appraisals or damage management are greatly simplified by digitally capturing existing buildings or objects.  

businessman touching a virtual blueprint of home

At panoroom, we can digitally capture objects from 20 to 80,000 square meters with a display accuracy of 99%. Indoors, high-resolution cameras with a resolution of 134 megapixels are used to faithfully capture every detail. Insurance companies and real estate owners can use VR capturing to document houses, renovations and personal property quickly and precisely before taking out insurance, in order to be able to use this as a basis for any future damage assessments.

Virtual Snapshots and Their Storage

In addition, it is possible to continuously record how the property and its condition change over the years. These virtual snapshots are then stored by us in a secure 3D cloud and can be filed in the digital insurance file. This makes it possible to significantly simplify processes such as damage recording and evaluation and to speed up the insurance claim processing process by completely eliminating the need for manual damage report generation or on-site expert visits. Insurance companies could, on the one hand, work more resource-efficiently and, on the other hand, protect themselves against challenges such as insurance fraud in a more targeted manner.

Let's Connect

Are you in the insurance industry and need virtual images of the properties you insure? Or are you a real estate owner and looking for an efficient way of writing a property inventory? Take a step towards the future and focus on more security and sustainability. panoroom is the ideal partner for your individual VR property survey. We look forward to receiving your inquiry at office@panoroom.at. 

Christian Wolf
Christian Wolf

CEO panoroom gmbh