virtual showroom – a new kind of customer experience 

How about letting your customers experience your products in a digital world? Virtual showrooms invite customers to learn about your company and its product world, to completely immerse themselves in the latest collections and get a realistic first impression. Unlike real showrooms, which are bound by opening hours and require a physical trip to the store, digital showrooms can be visited and experienced around the clock from the comfort of one’s own home. Sounds good? Then read all about our virtual showrooms in the following article.  

We at panoroom are experts in virtual reality capturing and 3D visualization. Together with you, we are sure to find the right technological solution to bring your real showroom into the digital world with the help of 360-degree images.

Showrooms are a valuable sales tool to effectively showcase products and collections. Whether in B2B sales – in the area of software solutions or cooling systems – or in the B2C sector such as window manufacturers, furniture or automotive industries, interactive online showrooms help companies show their range of services to their potential customers. 

Eskole virtual showroom

A Virtual Showroom Based on 360-Degree Shots and 3D Images  

360-degree photos and 3D scans are, without a doubt, the best way to digitally capture real showrooms. We at panoroom use high-quality equipment to create a digital twin of your real-world showroom. The virtual image of your showroom not only gives your company a modern and innovative image, it also allows you to address additional customer groups and extend your reach. 

Virtual Showrooms by panoroom: Best Practices 

The K1 Center as a Virtual Showroom 

The exclusive K1 CenterStyrian trade network’s showroomis one of the companies that rely on panoroom’s expertise. This indoor and outdoor exhibition center presents a plethora of products, such as kitchens, floors, tiles, pools, garden furniture, barbecue grills or terrace coverings. Even the K1 magazine got it’s digital twin integrated into the virtual tour in order to provide digital information, in addition to the printed version. On more than 600 square meters inside and 1700 square meters outside, interested parties can now find out more about the product range and design options and browse the shelves from the comfort of their own homes: 

ESKOLE Kitchen Center by Leiner  

Think innovatively, live design and make your dream home a realitythanks to panoroom, the most beautiful kitchens in Austria can now be discovered as virtual models in the ESKOLE kitchen studio in the Graz showroom. ESKOLE stands for eating, cooking, livingfor joy, perfect craftsmanship and good taste. And it is exactly these values that are made tangible and accessible around the clock in our virtual studio tours 

Virtual Showrooms‘ Great Potential 

You can easily embed your digital showroom directly into your website or use a subdomain to offer your customers their own virtual shopping environments. Or simply share the link to the showroom with (potential) customers in e-mails, newsletters or social media.   

In addition to being a great asset in online marketing, digital showrooms are an amazing addition at trade shows as well, where visitors can “teleport” themselves directly into your virtual exhibition using nothing but a tablet or a pair of VR glasses. Integrated touchpoints, videos or exciting insights can also be used to incorporate additional product information directly into the virtual tour. Especially in the B2B sector, the showroom could be brought along to customer appointments and used in sales negotiations. 

A virtual showroom from panoroom also offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of content and can be customized according to brand and product. From a factual-functional presentation for the Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark to a virtual world of experience for the Congress Graz, there are almost no limits to creativity. We look forward to developing a suitable concept for your showroom together with you.

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Christian Wolf
Christian Wolf

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