panoroom goes international

Since 2020, we at panoroom have been active in eight European countries, with more to come. In short? No distance is too far for us and no project is too complex or unusual!

From Virtual Reality to Augmented & Mixed Reality

What do we offer? Be it abroad or domestic, we shoot representative office spaces and premises for our (international) clients. From logistics centers to power plants to wineries, museums or industrial centers, our operative areas are just as diverse as our projects. From virtual reality to augmented & mixed reality, we do it all.

Thanks to our diverse portfolio, our experience and advanced technology, we are experts in the field of capturing existing objects and creating virtual tours.

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We Fulfill Your Wishes in the Virtual Space

Our expertise in the industry allows us to adapt to (almost) any request and generate the best possible added value. Our customers already benefit from panoroom technology in France, England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Poland and Spain.

If you are also in need of a virtual tour for your company or foreign location, we look forward to receiving your inquiry. Have a look at our contact page.

Or is your company located in a country that’s not (yet) in our portfolio? We are always more than happy to expand our country portfolio – just write to us.

Picture of Christian Wolf
Christian Wolf

CEO panoroom gmbh