virtual staging: set up empty properties in VR!

Imagine you had an empty property, regardless of whether it’s an apartment or a corporate building.  Unfortunately, neither a photo nor a virtual tour of an empty property are able to show its full potential – furnishing it would be the optimal solution, but very time-consuming and cost-intensive. Don’t feel like dragging furniture around and dealing with backpain for the next three days? What else is there to do?

Virtual Staging

We have the solution: Virtual Staging. We’ll furnish your property in VR. From the decoration to the furniture conception, we can furnish your object the way you want to present it to your customers. We are also happy to incorporate your 3D objects and your object style into our tours.  

C&P singleflat showroom Virtual Staging single flat

Furnish Your Property in the Virtual World – Mouse Clicks Instead of Furniture Hauling

We can equip your entire facility with matching furniture in record time. From decorating the empty walls with lamps and pictures to give the room the necessary atmosphere to placing cabinets and laying carpets, we can do it all according to your wishes.

Why to digital stage Real Estate?

The answer is clear: to give the property the effect it deserves and support your customers’ vision of the property.

Visit your property digitally with prospective buyers and make your property easier to imagine with virtual staging. Don’t leave sales success up to the (usually inadequate) imagination of a potential buyer. 

Were we able to arouse your interest? If you also have one or more properties that you would like us to set up for you, we look forward to hearing from you at 

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