virtual event locations – THE solution for event planning?

Planning events in times of social distancing and the Covid-19 pandemic? Or even from another country with current travel restrictions? How to inspect the location, how to deal with spatial planning? Questions upon questions. And there is a suitable answer to all of them: a virtual tour of the event location – made by panoroom.

Overcoming Current Visitor Barriers Through Virtual Reality

A virtual tour is the solution to many of the obstacles that currently arise in event management. Meetings with technical partners, security companies, cleaning and catering companies or other event participants on site can easily be implemented using a virtual tour in order to get an overview of the venue. In addition, all participants gain the same understanding of the rooms and their possibilities.

Virtual Tours of Kasematten, Dom, Orpheum and Co.

The Graz venues, consisting of the Orpheum Graz, the Schloßbergbühne Kasematten and the Dom im Berg inside the Graz Schloßberg, were among the first to virtualize their premises together with panoroom.

The virtual tours thus provide significant added value for each location and also offer the venues an impressive presentation opportunity to organizers as well as visitors. In particular, new event organizers who have not yet been able to visit the location “live” can now get a clear picture of the locations’ full potential.

Tours in Times of Covid-19 – panoroom Makes It Possible

It is unclear exactly when personal, on-site inspections can take place again without restrictions, but events are to be planned for the post-COVID period. This is where virtual tours shine! And not only in this current situation; virtual tours can be used by future event organizers and location scouts to avoid long journeys, organize walk-through appointments efficiently or simply to take a quick look at one of the rooms in the course of event planning.

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