Virtual Tour

Schlossbergbühne Kasematten Graz

Situated above the rooftops of Graz’s old town, within the walls of the former fortification on the Schlossberg, the Schlossbergbühne Kasematten is one of Austria’s most popular open-air venues. The name is derived from the vaults known as “Kasematte”. Thanks to panoroom, you can now explore the digital, VR version of these ancient walls. Stroll through the boxes, positioned in niches in the lateral walls, in this historically unique setting and enjoy the view of the stage from every angle. The virtual tour offers numerous advantages for organizers and visitors alike. Read more about it here.

standing room 1,700
seating capacity 999 seats
total area 1,900 m²
event area 462 m²
size of stage 100 m²
scanning points > 190

At panoroom, We Create Real Added Value, Resulting in a Wide Range of Benefits for Cultural Institutions: 

Event Planning: the VR tour serves as an ideal planning basis for all event organizers and concert agencies, enabling them to better assess the spatial conditions – available space, layout, tiers as well as details relevant to the flow of visitors – for optimal event conceptions.

24/7: interested parties can experience the unique atmosphere of the Kassematten in VR anytime and anywhere.

Virtual Signposting System: in order to be able to find your way around immediately when going to a concert, you can already walk through all the corridors, paths and rooms beforehand. 

Security Concept: planning major events in the building with regard to the security concept is simplified significantly through VR tours. The security staff can be trained in advance and precisely on the circumstances at the event location. A guided tour (highlight reel) can be created specifically for these requirements.

Adaptation of Light and Sound Setup in the Concert Hall: precise measurements can be carried out virtually and in advance in order to create optimal acoustic conditions.

Alternative Setups: the audience area in the VR tour can be enhanced using corresponding 4K images from any perspective for various events   – whether with seating or without.

Inventory for Restoration Measures: especially in the case of historically significant buildings such as the Kasematten Graz, necessary measures can be better assessed, planned and coordinated using VR. Buildings of this type in particular can be better depicted in virtual space and necessary maintenance measures can be taken earlier.

Training of In-House Staff: activities such as seating instructions or ticketing can be planned precisely in advance using the appropriate positions of the seats, boxes etc. and staff can be trained in advance. This increases the level of service for visitors on site significantly.


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