EUROSPAR at Kastner & Öhler

virtual tour

In December 2021, the new EUROSPAR opened in the basement of the impressive Kastner & Öhler headquarters in the historic old town of Graz. Covering an area of around 1,250 square meters, the new store presents itself in a completely new and modern light after the renovation. With an innovative 360-degree tour by panoroom, SPAR also shows how future-oriented the company really is.

This virtual tour gives the customers the opportunity to navigate through the store online without any restrictions, even outside opening hours, and to take a closer look at the extensive product range – as real as if they were actually standing in the store. The specially designed menu allows customers to navigate quickly and easily through all departments.

A virtual tour is an ideal way to present a retail company to (potential) customers in all its glory! Read more about the benefits of 360-degree customer experiences here.

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area 1,227 m²
scanning points 258
panoroom globe logo in yellow brand color