w@lz Viennese Learning Center

w@lz Wiener Lernzentrum

The w@lz learning center is a private art school in Vienna. From stage play to painting, the virtual reality tour of the educational institution covers all its facets.

Educational institutions are central places for the general public. A school tour is easily implemented with panoroom, even despite social distancing. For example, schools can welcome potential students virtually to tour the premises. From visiting the gym, exploring the classrooms and the cafeteria to a walk through the green spaces, everything can be experienced virtually.

Instead of relying on blueprints and photos alone, panoroom allows you to offer virtual walk-through experiences and integrate them on your website. Any location can be perfectly explored from all perspectives and the dollhouse view allows a far better understanding of relations and distances than a classic plan could ever convey.


area 3,000 m²
rooms 20
levels 3
panoroom globe logo in yellow brand color