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Materials Center Leoben

The Materials Center Leoben (MCL) is an internationally positioned Austrian research company in the field of materials science with a special focus on innovation and application orientation. We at panoroom have virtualized the modern research center in Leoben, making it digitally walkable. Through the virtual tour, it is made possible to visit six fully equipped research laboratory rooms and gain exciting insights into manufacturing and processing procedures of the materials of the MCL.

The virtual tour for the MCL was created as part of the Styrian Business Development Corporation’s TakeTech Week. The primary goal was to give potential apprentices an understanding of the company and its research areas.

Interested individuals can learn about materials, their development and research directly in one of MCL’s scientific laboratories. Integrated touchpoints, videos or exciting insights also provide insights into the various research areas of Materials Center Leoben.

New employees or research partners get an immediate insight into their new working environment, the premises, their focus areas and the associated technical equipment in advance.

area > 250 m²
scanning points 35
laboratories 6


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