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Anton Paar

Anton Paar develops, produces and distributes high-precision laboratory instruments and process measurement systems as well as customized automation and robotics solutions. The company is a global market leader in the fields of density and concentration measurement and as of now a pioneer in the field of effective marketing and employer branding. With panoroom’s virtual tour, the company is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on business partners, customers and (potential) employees.

total area > 6,000 m²
scanning points > 300
demo laboratory info points > 140

Location Graz

Innovation is the basis of progress and part of Anton Paar’s DNA. This is made particularly clear by the impressive tour through the various areas of the Graz site, which can easily be seen and experienced via the menu list – whether the premises of ‘Electronic Production’, ‘Mechanical Production’ or the ‘Assembly Center’. 

Demo Laboratory

For all product lines, panoroom has included direct links to the respective booths of the product lines in the showroom in the menu. This makes the tour interesting not only for the visitors, but also for potential customers and established business partners alike. In addition to the more detailed information on the instruments, the sizes and dimensions of the instruments and the design can also be perceived directly in the room. In the ‘Technical Center’, visitors can even discover over 115 technical measuring devices and instruments with detailed descriptions in the form of insights. 

With this innovative tour, the company wanted to show its potential to the international market. After all, in global sales, it is important to emphasize the greatness of the entire company and its individual locations.  

Progress and innovation, precision craftsmanship and a passion for research – all this is what Anton Paar stands for. True to the motto: to always be able to offer your customers the best solutions, you always have to do more than other market competitors. This is precisely why the company has had its site in Graz virtualized by panoroom, showcasing the impressive laboratory technology expertise it has to offer.

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