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AL-KO Kober Training Workshop

With its Gardentech, Air Technology and Automotive divisions, the AL-KO KOBER GROUP is one of the global players among German medium-sized companies. Founded back in 1931, the traditional company now has around 2,700 employees at more than 30 locations worldwide. AL-KO not only relies on high quality for its products, but also attaches great importance to the high-quality training of its junior specialists. Thanks to panoroom, interested apprentices and parents can get a full picture of the training workshop in Obdach in advance.  

Virtual reality makes it possible to experience the training workshop in a completely new and unexpected way by combining technical and creative solutions. Our VR tools support the company on its way from the analog to the virtual world of innovative communication and acquisition of new employees & apprentices.

benefits for marketing and employer branding/ HR through virtual reality

attract attention

stands out in the crowd through innovative communication

enhance the  experience

shows the company and its training workshops in a new light and leaves a lasting impression

inspire with appeal

presents the jobs more convincingly, builds loyalty and distinguishes itself  from the competition

innovative image as employer branding key success factor

establishes the company image as an attractive, pioneering as well as a modern and transparent one

area 175 m²
scanning points 15


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