virtual showroom

Harmonika Müller

Tradition meets new technologies. The company Harmonika Müller located in Bad St. Leonhard was founded in 1976 and is the largest harmonica manufacturer in Austria today. We at panoroom have captured the traditional master craftsman’s business using VR technology and brought it into the digital world. Immerse yourself along with us in the world of the Styrian harmonica and the world of Harmonika Müller. The provision of a virtual tour basically underlines the company’s claim to be at the cutting edge of time and technology, thus also fulfilling the company motto “tradition meets modernity” – in the sense of new technologies.


Thanks to panoroom’s virtual tour, Harmonika Müller can give its (potential) customers a feel for what they can expect when they buy a Styrian harmonica from this traditional company. The multitude of perspectives in the showrooms allows a more comprehensive view of the products, and the customer thus learns more about the body of sound of the various harmonicas. An additional service provided by the company – in the form of an in-house recording studio – was integrated into the tour, thus increasing potential sales for Harmonika Müller by allowing musicians to learn about this opportunity in advance in the virtual space. Also, the special lighting and the loving design of the showrooms only comes into its own when the user is able to move freely through the rooms.

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