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It’s common knowledge that Universities and their campuses are important centers of education and development for the public. panoroom created a unique virtual replica of the campus at the Vienna University of Economics, which covers about 15,000 m² indoors and 40,000 m² outdoors. The entire outdoor area of WU Vienna was virtualized in order to subsequently publish the data on Google Street View.

In addition, an exciting virtual guidance system was created, with which the students, employees and interested parties – for example at study fairs – can use a VR project to get an overview and insight into all existing structures of the institution. Using an agenda that contains information about all locations, clicking your way around the campus, finding routes, estimating distances and visiting places in advance is now easier than ever before. It is a sustainable and overall impressive experience that maps all the buildings in a coherent way.


area indoor 15,000 m²
area outdoor 40,000 m²
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