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Dynatrace Austria

Dynatrace GmbH is a globally active software company that was founded in 2005 in Linz and has also been a panoroom customer since 2020.

The engineering headquarters – the Dynatrace head office – which opened in 2019, is located in Linz.  We at panoroom are pleased that we were able to virtualize not only the modern office in Linz, but also the offices in Graz, Hagenberg, Winterhafen and Vienna, making them digitally accessible around the clock for employees and customers.

total area 9,470 m²
total scanning points 1009

dynatrace office linz

What can a virtual tour achieve for a company like Dynatrace?

>> Modern consumer marketing: virtual tours through offices are optimal marketing tools that enable you to address the desired focus group in a targeted manner and create trust. Through integrated info points, videos or exciting insights, you increase the involvement of visitors and thus build a brand and company relationship even before the business relationship.

>> Full immersion: show your company and location to a digital-savvy audience in 3D and leave a lasting impression.

>> Employer branding! With the panoroom virtual tour, Dynatrace shows a part of the corporate culture and the Austrian company locations and thus positions itself as an innovative and modern employer, thereby attracting new employees.

>> Innovative onboarding & virtual signpost: new employees get an immediate insight into their new working environment. By virtualizing the office space, employees can be shown the way to their individual workstation, relevant meeting points such as the cafeteria, café, kitchen, escape routes, a department overview or the various meeting rooms in advance.

>> Maintenance repair & operations: targeted planning of in-house repairs and the commissioning of external companies is much easier thanks to the detailed recordings from every conceivable perspective. This results in significant time savings when describing and localizing problems and avoids downtime when the external companies arrive, as the area to be worked on has already been largely examined in advance.

dynatrace office graz

dynatrace office wien

dynatrace office winterhafen

dynatrace office hagenberg


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